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Naming a company or product is very important . It is the first impression made on a consumer. Companies take great care and cost to find the perfect name.

So how did Jack Buie come up with the name, "Howling Lizard," for his company?

The quest for a name began when Jack was in communication with the Office of Export in Washington, D.C. This government agency helps and offers financial aid to companies that will export their product. They want to provide incentives to export in order to help with the current U.S. trade imbalance. The U.S. Department of Commerce issued a report in February of 2005 stating that the merchandise trade deficit reached a record level of 666.2 billion in 2004, which was a 21.7% increase since 2003. Finding ways to reduce this deficit is a priority, particularly with Japan and China.

While researching Japan and China, Jack discovered that the lizard is a symbol of good luck. When people find a lizard in their homes, they consider it a welcomed guest. So he had one half the name, but he needed to add to it to make it exclusive and to meet trademark requirements.

While looking through interesting word translations, Jack discovered that "howling" is a word that doesn't mean an issuance of noise, but rather bravado or raging or macho. Therefore, Howling Lizard would translate roughly into "raging good luck." So our lizard logo on our chili will be thought of as a welcomed guest in people's homes.

Do we have a winning name in America?

Through an acquantaince who started Braddock and Howard PR and Advertising in Orlando, Jack sought to find out.

A mall survey was conducted in March 2004 in four malls for a day. Fifteen questions were asked such as:
1) A new startup company "Howling Lizard" will manufacture gourmet chili and tamales for office and home delivery. Do you like chili?
2) Do you order food delivery at your office? How often?
3) Do you order food delivery at your home? How often?
4) Do you like your chili with beans?
.... the survey continued for a few minutes until they reached the target question.

The above derived information was interesting. The statistics can be used later for production, but the "real" purpose of the survey was the last question: "Do you remember the name of the company?"

Out of 1200 people that took the survey, 88% remembered the name, "Howling Lizard." This percentile puts the name in the highest category of recognition in the advertising world. If people hear it, they won't forget it. The name is powerful.
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